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Who am I? I am a star seed, a small speck of life, residing within a ball of light that flies through the infinite darkness of existence. Taken from the series Sailor Moon, I have always felt this image is a fitting metaphor for what I think life is like. We all have an allotment of life inside us, wrapped in light and darkness, with which we can do whatever we want to. We can grow it or we can save it or we can store it or we can leave it. It is our seed, our star, and is what we make of it and what we characterize it. It embodies all that is us. Our star seeds.

But beyond the metaphorical nature, here’s a brief introduction of this journal. I came from LiveJournal, which I started an old journal way back in 2005, but fell out of touch around 2008. I’m not really one to post much about my life; I just don’t consider it all that important or interesting that people know what is going on in my physical current time. Face-to-face friends sure, close friends even over the internet, sure, but the random crowds that might buzz past this journal? Nah. Thanks. Mostly, I use these journals (and this one in particular) as placeholders and meeting places for my involvement in communities, specifically role-playing (RP) communities. Though I create character journals, it’s nice to have a personal one that people can contact you about whatever without bogging down IC character journals with OC messages. So, that’s mostly what this journal will be used for. Not that I will never post something personal in here; just don’t expect it to be a window into my life. (If you’re a member of a community with me and know me from there, you can be sure I’ll be willing to get in touch with you, probably over an IM program.) Still, I’ve always enjoyed LiveJournal and now that I’ve been introduced to Dreamwidth, onwards once again.

So a bit of an outpour on me personally. I’m a student, currently attending a school down here in balmy Florida for a Masters degree in Technical Communications. I hope to land a job sometime within the next year as I complete my degree and move on with my life. I love writing and have done so all my life. Fanfictions occasionally, but I love role-playing even more. I do hope to be a novelist sometime in the future, because though I like technical communications, creative writing and literature are my passion. Both for my writing and reading pleasure, I live and imbibe the realm of fantasy. I’m a huge anime and manga nut, much of which influences my writing and reading. Video games also comprise a large percentage of my passions and these too also color what I write and read. Though I would take fantasy over reality any day, I know the hard facts of life don’t allow that and I accept that. But that’s what my dreamwidth involvement is about and I plan on enjoying the fantasy to escape the reality as I can.

I’m friendly, definitely, and creative, but a bit of an introvert in real life (though I’ve learned to façade as an extrovert for my jobs and such). I love humor and I find myself funny (as some people have told me), but I will say much of my humor is sarcastic and I can be bitter at times (just a fair warning). I love a witty phrase and language is something I treasure and like to play with in life. If you want to know more about me, then leave a comment and we might meet up over IM or something.

So that’s me in a nutshell: an average, creative guy who tries to fly fantasy in a life of reality. Fly on, my little starseed, and find a place to grow well and shine.

A Star Seed

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What if you slept ...

What if you slept
And what if
In your sleep
You dreamed
And what if
In your dream
You went to heaven
And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower
And what if
When you awoke
You had that flower in you hand
Ah, what then?

~ Attributed to
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

January 2015

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