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[Someday I'll make this all look pretty, but here's a basic list of the muses I play, arranged by kinda category and varying strengths. Pick one and I'll be honest about how strong they are in my head. I'm pretty flexible and always willing to refresh memories and persons. AUs, canonmates, cross-canons, cross-media, all are welcome. ~StarSeed]

Video Games
Riku ~ [personal profile] dark_to_dawn
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Vanitas ~ [personal profile] emptybyvanity
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Dark Link (Kage) ~ [personal profile] reflectmyturmoil
Fandom: Legend of Zelda

Yukimura Sanada ~ [personal profile] fire_under_water
Fandom: Sengoku Basara,

Z.W.E.I. ~ [personal profile] twin_shaded_lycan
Fandom: Soul Calibur

Dante ~ [personal profile] twogunsonesword
Fandom: DmC (Devil may Cry)

Kyo Sohma ~ [personal profile] cat_cursed_13
Fandom: Fruits Basket

Valdrigr Alsvieth (Demon) ~ [personal profile] crimson_cursed
Fandom: Crimson Spell

Kagami Taiga ~ [personal profile] missingen10
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Sōsuke Yamazaki ~ [personal profile] takenwithhim
Fandom: Free!

Ichigo Kurosaki ~ [personal profile] shinigami15
Fandom: Bleach

Cain ~ [personal profile] reliant_fighter
Fandom: Starfighter

Turles ~ [personal profile] saiyanfruitdevil
Fandom: Dragonball Z

Gogeta ~ [personal profile] fusedwarrior
Fandom: Dragonball Z

Rin Okumura ~ [personal profile] adevilinthechurch
Fandom: Ao no Exorcist

Red X ~ [personal profile] xmarksmyspot
Fandom: Teen Titans

Terry McGinnis (Batman) ~ [personal profile] tomorrow0knight
Fandom: Batman Beyond

Reptile (Daenok) Cynrik ~ [personal profile] daenokofchron
Fandom: Reptile Universum

Tira ~ [personal profile] splitdownthering
Fandom: Soul Calibur

Jinx ~ [personal profile] youllgetjinxed
Fandom: League of Legends

A Star Seed

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What if you slept ...

What if you slept
And what if
In your sleep
You dreamed
And what if
In your dream
You went to heaven
And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower
And what if
When you awoke
You had that flower in you hand
Ah, what then?

~ Attributed to
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

January 2015

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