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Testing Tags...

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DW user: < user name=star_seed > gives [personal profile] star_seed
DW community: < user name=omnomnom > gives [community profile] omnomnom
Feed account: < user name=xkcd_feed > gives [syndicated profile] xkcd_feed
OpenID account: < user > gives [identity profile]

You can also specify an account on a different site by adding "site=sitename" in the tag, as follows:

< user name=news > gives [ profile] news
< user name=announcements > gives [ profile] announcements

If you're using the Rich Text Editor, enter the account name, then highlight it and select Account. This will automatically generate a link. At the moment this only works for links to users on Dreamwidth.

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To make a cut with the HTML Editor, type < cut > before the text you want to hide under a cut, then < /cut > after you've entered the text you want to be hidden. If you'd like to replace the usual "Read more..." cut text, enter < cut text="your text here" >

Dreamwidth also supports the legacy code inherited from LiveJournal, so you can also type: < lj-cut > and < /lj-cut > and < lj-cut text="your text here" >.

If you're using the rich text editor, highlight the text you want to appear behind a cut, then select the "Cut" button. A pop-up box will appear so you can add your own text to the cut text link. Text that's been hidden by a cut is shown in grey in the rich text editor.

HTML Tags --> Here
Posting Images --> Here

This is just a quick reference so I don't have to go searching as I get used to the journal styling again.